New “Taber”

It’s time to brag for a second about Andy here… so a couple of weeks ago, we started talking about what we needed to do for a dining table.  We were given one that got beat up really fast and needed to be replaced.  We have quickly realized that if we want to have any other families over for dinner, and we want all parents and children to sit together to eat, we need a table that seats more than what our current arrangement had.  So, what did Andy do?  He looked up how to build us a table!

I spent a few hours away one Saturday, and came home to a completely build, 8 foot long table that looks just awesome!  I was and am so impressed by this man.  He and a couple of friends took our 2 boys to Lows (which is an adventure in itself), bought all the materials, came home and cut all the wood and screwed it al together in a matter of about 4 hours.  I wish I had more pictures of the construction process, but I was away so here are a few of it once it was painted.  Even Pop got in on the staining/painting process.  As B man likes to say, take a look at our “New Taber!”


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