Clean Mush

I came across this idea on a blog for making “clean mush,” and thought that B man and I could give it a try.  What a fun activity!  If any of you have toddlers, and you have some time and space to get messy, I would recommend this.  B man loved it, and I will say that I had a pretty fun time too.  Here’s what you need:

1 large bowl or container

2-3 rolls toilet paper

1/3 cup Borax

1 bar soap

warm water

First, let your child unroll the toilet paper (this was a dream come true for Bradford, who has tried to do this so many times,)  then grate the soap with a cheese grater, and mix in the Borax.  Add enough warm water to saturate the mixture, and then mix together with your hands…and there you’ve got it, Clean mush:

Once it’s all mixed together and you work on saturating all of the paper, it turns into a play-dough like substance that you can use to make shapes, balls, or just mush together.  B man loved to make big balls of it and throw them into the air to watch them crash.  It was a blast and entertained us both for quite a while.



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