Our Time in GA

To sum up our trip to GA, it was just awesome.  We got some great time with family and friends, and B man and Chaz loved having cousins all around as playmates.  I took a ton of pictures, and as I’m looking through them, I still wish I had taken more!  Here are just some of the favorites:

I love these pictures, for a lot of reasons.  They are the every day moments that I want to remember, Andy on the floor with the boys and them climbing all over him, while their laughter and squeals fill our home.  He has always said he wanted a house full of boys…we have 2, and some days I feel like I may go crazy!  But then, they are so sweet and so playful (meaning- so loud, rambunctious, and funny).  And they make me laugh, constantly.  Amidst all the diapers, laundry, meltdowns, and humbling moments, their smiles really do bring so much joy to the day…and their relationship with their daddy is so sweet.  We’re headed to Atlanta tomorrow to visit family and friends, and are so excited….but we will miss Andy a ton!

This moment (Chaz at 7.5 months, Dean Dog at 3.5 years):

Reminds me of this moment (Bradford at 7.5 months, Dean Dog at 2.25 years):

It’s so sweet how much Opal Dean loves these boys, and how much they love her! Both boys are often found staring out the windows in the front of the house.  It’s where they wait for Daddy when they know he’s about to be home, where they look for our neighbors, and where they watch the cars and people that go by.  And Opal Dean is most often right there with them:

You’re Growing too fast, Chaz!

Chaz has been crawling for a few weeks now, and to be honest, I’m just not ready for this little guy to grow any more.  He’s so sweet and cute and kissable and lovable that my heart sometimes bursts just looking at his bright blue eyes and white/blonde head.  But he’s ready to be big, and is quickly figuring out how to follow after his big brother.  He’s crawling fast, too fast…and pulling up, so well.  You’re growing too fast for this momma, little guy.  So, slow it on down for me!