Happy anniversary!


We are having such a great time celebrating our 5 year anniversary! Thanks to our parents for taking such good care of our boys (and opal dean) so we can get a few days away together! Nothing brings back such good memories like being in Athens, ga eating at all of our favorite restaurants and walking around campus… It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years!


Chaz at 9 Months

I can’t believe our little guy, who goes by “Baby Chaz,” or “Brother Chaz” around here turned 9 months old this week.  The last few weeks, he has changed so much!  He is such a sweet boy, and still loves to cuddle.  His favorite thing to do is to climb into the refrigerator and scream at the food…it’s hilarious.  He LOVES B Man, and thinks his brother is the funniest thing ever.  His laughter is contagious and his smile truly does light up the room.  He has gotten really playful, especially with Bradford and other kids which is so fun to watch.

We go for his 9 month check up tomorrow, and would love some prayers for him.  He’s been struggling with a cough and respiratory issues since January.  He also continually is breaking out in skin rashes, and we aren’t sure what is causing them.  We’ve been working with his dr. to try and get him well, but are longing for some answers as to what is going on so we can treat his symptoms correctly and help him to feel better.  He has maintained such a delightful and happy demeanor through all of this, even though he has had to persevere through lots of breathing treatments and Dr’s appointments.

Here are a few pictures of him doing some of his favorite things:

Conversation with Bradford tonight:

B man: I want to wear Daddy shoes, mommy. My going bye bye.

Me: ok, where are you going?

B: My going to work.

Me: where do you work?

B: At Sophie (one of his friends)

Me: at Sophie’s?. What do you and Sophie do for work?

B: Groceries.

Me: you buy groceries?

B: um, yep. My buys cookie. I want cookie, now mommy.

Me: you can have a cookie after dinner. What else do you need to buy?

B: some dressing. ok, bye bye mommy.

Hilarious. He is hilarious.

“Play Bed”

One of B Man’s all-time favorite things to do is to “play-bed,” meaning jump like a wild man on mommy and daddy’s bed.  Andy took these pictures a few weeks ago, and I though they were too funny not to share.  I love how much B man lives with so much energy and so much joy.  Here he is in full-go mode, having so much fun: