Another Update…

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind, filled with ups and downs, some chaos, fun, and unexpected travel.  Andy spent a week in Mexico serving with the youth group, and had a great trip.  The boys and I (and Opal Dean) managed to get through the week without him, and although it was exhausting, we had some fun adventures and time with friends while he was gone.  Towards the end of Andy’s trip, we got news that his grandmother was in the hospital and not doing well.  Sadly, Dotsie (his mom’s mom) passed away on Friday the 21st.

So, after Andy got home Saturday night, we loaded up and drove to Augusta on Sunday where we got to spend time with all of our family.  Although we were gathered under sad circumstances, the highlight of the trip was getting to all be together and seeing how big and fun our family has grown since 4 new babies were added.  This was the first time we were all together with all 11 grandkids!  We headed to Atlanta afterwards and spent more time with family for a couple of days, then an unexpected stomach bug delayed our travel…so we arrived home last night, glad to be home together but thankful for the week we had with family and time spent at Dotsie’s funeral.  Here are a few pictures highlighting the trip:

All 22 of us (11 adults + 11 children):

Having fun with the luggage cart:

All 11 grandkids (Chaz was not really feeling the picture):

The 4 Two-Year olds:

Brad, Suzanne, Grandpa Dick & all the Grandkids



We just got back from another great trip.  Bradford had the chance to stay in Orlando with his cousins, and we are SO thankful for the Bruner crew who kept him, loved him, and made some new fun memories for him.  B man has not stopped talking about “Reese’s room,” playing in the swimming pool with Brooks, and playing on the sand.  He had such a fun time!

Chaz, Andy, and I headed to Panama city where we had the opportunity to speak at a Campus Outreach beach project.  Andy and I got to do the relationships talk, which was so much fun for us…and brought back so many memories of being a dating couple while we were involved in that ministry.  We felt honored and blessed to share our story with college students, and loved getting some time with friends who are there.  Unfortunately, on the plane ride home, my phone vanished.  We’re not sure what happened, but are thinking it was stolen…such a bummer!  So, all the pictures I had taken over the weekend (were on my phone) are gone.  So, I just decided to post some cute pictures of the boys getting a hair cut.  This was Chaz’s first hair cut, and one of B Man’s many.  They were so cute!


We’re back…

We made it back to Florida last night after having a wonderful trip to Georgia.  We were able to visit and spend time with family, and also get a few days away together without the kids, who got to hang with their grandparents.  To sum up the trip, I would say that it was just awesome.  While living so far from most of our family, we savor that time with them so much and enjoy those opportunities to be together.  It is so sweet to see our boys play with their cousins, and get so excited to be with their grandparents.  After looking through the tons of pictures I took, I’m going to pick just some of our favorites to document the trip.  Here are a few from our stop in Orlando…