Our Last Summer Trip…

Last week, Andy was headed up to Atlanta for a week with the youth group at GoldRush, a student led youth conference at Perimeter.  So the boys and I hopped in the car and decided to do a little road trip with our cousins.  Sarah and I left early Monday morning and drove up to Atlanta with 5 kids 3 and under!  We had such a great time and created some really fun memories.  It was awesome to get some more time with our family, and the boys have loved all the cousin time.

We had a great time at a splash park for lunch one day:

It’s always fun to be with Riri and Pop.  We had a great visit with Grammy and cousin, Olivia too!

And we had a blast hanging out at Gigi and Papa’s house.  We got to be there to celebrate Gigi’s birthday, and get lots of good cousin time.  Here are a couple pictures of the kids lined up to put on their “show.”  Ella was the leader in teaching the younger kids some new dance moves, and it was so cute to watch.


We sure will miss seeing the cousins and all our family every day!  It’s been a great summer with lots of opportunities to be together, and we are so thankful!


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