Safe Families

We have an extra visitor staying with us for a while.  It’s an exciting opportunity, stretching, yet in a good way.  A few months ago, Andy and I were contemplating what the best ways for our family to serve outwardly in this season when we have small children at home and are pretty limited in what we can do outside the home.  I read the book, Kisses from Katie, which if you haven’t read, I would highly recommend it.  The problem is, if you read it, you might not every think the same way again.

After a night of listening to Katie Davis speak (we watched a bunch of her Youtube videos) about answering God’s call to love your neighbor, and feeling like we were ready and wanting to answer that call, we felt like the best way for us to do that was to go through the process to become a Safe Family.  The program is designed for families in crisis who cannot, for a various reasons, care for their children at the moment.  Instead of losing them to foster care, these parents are given a chance to allow a safe family to host the child for a short period of time (average stay is 6 weeks), and see if they can get their feet back on the ground to welcome their children back home.  Ideally, we will work with the mom, or whoever the guardian is, and assist them as well through their time of struggle.

Our role is to care for the child, which is why we currently have an extra little guy with us.  He’s already taught our family so much.  Our kids have welcomed him into our home so well.  He’s teaching us to love someone who is struggling, to open our home to someone who otherwise wouldn’t have one, and he’s teaching us to rely on God and each other for extra grace and strength.  Our prayer is that through this process, we as a family could show the love of Christ with the hurting, and that we too would learn more about how Christ loves us.

We’re not sure about putting up pictures yet, so will need to check and see what is allowed there before we post anything.  But if an extra little boy ends up in some of our pictures and posts, you can see his sweet little face and pray for him and his family during this time.


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