Pudding Paint

Chaz-Rah/Chazzy/Mr. Chaz/Cheese

Chaz has come to be known by lots of nick-names around here.  Bradford has now re-named him multiple times.  He started as Baby Chaz, then became Cheese/Baby Cheese/Mr. Cheese.  Now, he is often called Chazzy or Chaz-Rah.  B Man seems to take after Andy in so many ways, and one of them is in the creative and funny nick-name department.

Chaz is at such a fun age.  He could not be any sweeter of a little guy, and is changing so much it seems like every day.  He’s walking now, and climbing just about everything he can.  He loves his shoes, balls, the swing set, his brother, mommy, daddy, and “D.D.” (or Opal).  He also loves books, and will snuggle and read for a long time which is one of our favorite things to do with him.  Here are a few pictures of this sweet boy I couldn’t resist sharing…

New Smyrna Vacation

We had the best time last week at New Smyrna beach!  We were able to spend a few days with Riri, Pop, Aunt L. (Elizabeth) & Uncle Scott, future Aunt Hannah & the girls, Fiona and Olivia, all at the beach together.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  And it was so great to get time with our family.  Here are some pictures to recap the trip:

Fiona, Bradford, Chaz.  The best I could get of these 3 together:

We had this awesome area of grass that separated our condo from the beach, which we spent a ton of time on.  All the little ones loved running and playing in the grass, and we all still were staring at the beautiful beach the whole time.  It was just awesome:

These 2 had so much fun together:

One of the highlights of the trip: watching the sunrise each morning, while the boys joined in their pajamas and played in the grass.  It was so beautiful and peaceful:

They loved rolling in the grass:

Morning reading time:Thanks Riri and Pop for planning such a wonderful vacation.  We had such an awesome time and miss you guys already!

Baby Eagle

We found out last week that we are having a third boy!

 We are excited and praising God for a healthy report at our 20 week appointment, and feel blessed to be having another son.

A couple of weeks ago, our friends brought over 2 of their puppies, and Bradford quickly named them “Eagle” and “Party.”  Not sure where he came up with those names!  But since then, he has transferred the name “Eagle” to the new baby, and he has been pretty excited about showing our friend the pictures of his new baby brother.  Chaz doesn’t quite understand yet, and still refers to himself as “baby,” so we will see how the transition goes for him.  We’re very thankful for our boys, and are excited to welcome another one to the family.

Playing in the Tent

I’m discovering a lot about boys, and raising boys as we go.  I’ve realized early on that they like to climb, run, bang on things, make any kind of loud noises they can, climb some more, and play in tents/forts.  It’s amazing how many books our boys will sit through when they are in their tent.  So every once in a while, we bring out the igloo tent and spend a few days living out of it when we’re inside.  We’ve been doing lots of playing in it, reading in it, tackling, tickling, and generally having a lot of fun!