Chaz-Rah/Chazzy/Mr. Chaz/Cheese

Chaz has come to be known by lots of nick-names around here.  Bradford has now re-named him multiple times.  He started as Baby Chaz, then became Cheese/Baby Cheese/Mr. Cheese.  Now, he is often called Chazzy or Chaz-Rah.  B Man seems to take after Andy in so many ways, and one of them is in the creative and funny nick-name department.

Chaz is at such a fun age.  He could not be any sweeter of a little guy, and is changing so much it seems like every day.  He’s walking now, and climbing just about everything he can.  He loves his shoes, balls, the swing set, his brother, mommy, daddy, and “D.D.” (or Opal).  He also loves books, and will snuggle and read for a long time which is one of our favorite things to do with him.  Here are a few pictures of this sweet boy I couldn’t resist sharing…


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