Halloween Festivities

We had a great week enjoying some Halloween activities with the boys.  It’s been fun watching Bradford understand holidays this year and get so excited about them.  He was pretty thrilled about getting to dress up as Elmo (for the 2nd year in a row), and about getting some candy.  And Chaz just went along with the whole thing and had a great time too.  Early in the week, we made some Halloween cookies and I had some very excited kitchen helpers:

We carved our pumpkin, and very typical for our boys…they made it into a drum.  They were laughing and singing and we all enjoyed these moments we got to spend together.  What sweet boys:

Georgia “G,” or just “it’s a Go Bulldogs” as Bradford says:

Elmo and the pumpkin.  Chaz had a puppy dog costume that is so cute, but he hated it every time I tried to put it on.  So we went with his pumpkin pajamas and he was much happier:

Ready for trick-or-treating:

Our first trick-or-treating stop was Daddy’s office, which might be the coolest place to play when you are 2 and 1.  Andy had to work, so we stopped in for a quick game of air hockey, a candy treat, and some pictures.  

Elmo, Caesar (from the Hunger Games), and pumpkin:

Then it was back home to meet Riri and Pop.  My dad had a work conference in West Palm, so it was so much fun that they were able to drive down and spend a little time with us on Halloween.  The boys had so much fun having Riri and Pop come along for some trick-or-treating:

Chaz’s first lollipop.  He was pretty happy about it:

What a fun week with our sweet boys.  They are so much fun, and we feel so blessed to have these precious moments with them because we know they are going to grow up so fast!



One thought on “Halloween Festivities

  1. All your boys were very adorable in their costumes! I love the Georgia G pumpkin. I am glad to see that your loyalties still lie with UGA even though you guys are living with all those Gators fans!

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