We’ve been working on creating a Thankfulness tree in light of next week, which has been a very fun and rewarding project to do with the boys.  Bradford’s answers have made me laugh and have been so fitting for him.  It’s not surprising that the first thing he told me he is thankful for is “parties,” and then every other time he starts with saying “I’m thankful for daddy.”  I’m finding it difficult to sum up what I’m thankful for, because there are just so many, many things.  How can I put to words the gifts found in having a wonderful husband and these two precious boys?

I’m thankful for Andy.  He never ceases to amaze me at how wonderfully funny, loving, and amazing he is to our little family.  He has still not stopped making me laugh after knowing him for over 10 years now.  He serves joyfully, works hard at his job, and has such a gift of loving and relating to people.  These boys are so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad who loves them so much.  I find so much delight in watching him interact with our boys, and feel incredibly blessed to have married him.

I’m so, so thankful for Bradford.  He has such an infectious joy that radiates from his little spirit.  He wakes up full of energy, with a smile that could not be bigger.  His favorite person in the world is his Daddy, and he will do anything to be just like him.  He has now started asking to dress like Daddy every day (he loves it when they both wear jeans), he puts on deodorant and combs his hair like Daddy, and I couldn’t count the amount of times he says through the day, “I’m gonna do —– like daddy.”  He’s always got a song coming out of his mouth, and often times the crazy dance moves to accompany his performances.  I have loved the everyday moments with this boy, watching him learn and grow, and change from such a wild little toddler that never, ever stopped moving…to a emerging little boy who now never stops talking and singing (and rarely stops moving too!). He loves golf, doing art projects, participating in anything in the kitchen that he is allowed to, and has quite the little imagination developing.  I laugh so much every day with him.  He’s pretty quirky, strong-willed, funny, loving, loud, loves people, and so delightful to be around.

I laugh every time I see this next picture. If you’ve been around the B Man at all, you know how much he adores his “bitty,” or the little white blanket/bear he carries around.  Well, he has created a little world for Bitty now in which he takes naps, and likes to swing outside, and a few other things.  So, every time I open a door that has been closed, the light has been turned off, and I see this following picture, I laugh at his little imaginative spirit and the caretaker in him that puts his Bitty to bed, next to Chaz’s bitty….

Then there’s my current baby, Mr. Chaz.  What a sweet little guy.  I love how he and Bradford are so different, and so the same in other ways.  Chaz has such a tenderness to his little spirit.  He loves mommy, and I love how he always comes and finds me around the house.  Andy often gets them up in the mornings while I’m making the breakfast, and I always here Chaz’s little feet coming up behind me waiting for that first morning hug.  He does not like to walk without holding my hand if anyone else is around, even though he can.  Bradford was the opposite…I had to force him to hold my hand!  Chaz loves to climb, loves playing with anything with wheels, will sit and snuggle as long as we can, and loves to look at books and be read to.  He is just as, if not more adventurous as his brother, but slightly more sneaky and quiet about what he’s doing.  Whereas I pretty much always know exactly where Bradford is and what he’s doing (because he’s narrating his play by play to me constantly,) I have to keep a closer eye on Chaz because if I don’t, I’ll find him quickly unrolling every roll of toilet paper, climbing the kitchen table and ripping apart all the napkins, or trying to eat the dog food.  He’s a sneaky little guy.  Chaz loves Bradford and wants to be doing exactly what he’s doing at all times.  It’s pretty sweet to watch brothers grow up and develop a love for each other.

Then of course, there is boy # 3 who we still have been calling “baby Eagle,” thanks to Bradford.  I love feeling his acrobatics and kicks inside my belly and look forward to the day in just a few months when he will be in my arms.  What a sweet blessing to have another boy join this family.  I’m thankful for the little Eagle and can’t wait to meet him.

We have so much to savor in these moments, and so much to look forward to as we watch them grow.  The days feel long sometimes, and I feel tired, but I’m so thankful.  I’m thankful for all these boys teach me, because they do teach me so much every day.  I’m thankful to  be able to stay home with them during these years, and know that is a priceless gift that not every mom gets to enjoy.  I’m thankful that at the end of the day, my heart feels full of love and precious memories, even if I wasn’t able to accomplish anything that I planned on getting done for that day, which seems to happen often.

I know my words don’t even put a dent to the gifts we have been given, but my heart rejoices with thankfulness to a God who would bless us with so much.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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