Some pre-dinner worship, Bradford Style

Clearly, Bradford loves to sing loud and proud, with lots of banging on his “drum.”  One day during lunch songs, I got a text from my neighbor who was laughing at us, saying she could hear us from across the street.  It was then that I realized, we often have our windows open, and since we live right by a street with a sidewalk, there are a lot of people that walk by our house.  Andy and I laughed thinking that many of our neighbors might mistake us for having a son named Zaccheus who we are often yelling at to “come down!”

This next video is his current favorite song, which we have the privilege of hearing him sing all the time…so fun!

Our backyard

We are loving the weather here lately, and are taking advantage of the beautiful days by spending lots of time in our backyard.  The boys have loved the chickens, playing golf, the swing set, and generally just being outside.

Checking on the chickens, now named Barb (black), and Jean (Orange).DSC_0084

Working hard in the dirt:DSC_0090


Thankful for these little feet that can be barefoot in December, especially since Bradford currently hates to wear shoes:DSC_0093




Holiday Fun

We’re excited about the beginning of Advent and are enjoying entering into this month with some holiday activities.

Here are a few pictures from an attempt at a Christmas pajama photo shoot:DSC_0058



No photo shoot would be realistic without a picture of them attempting to climb something:



These boys love to do art projects:DSC_0076