Bradford is 3!

We had a great weekend celebrating our B Man’s birthday.  I can’t believe this guy is already 3.  He is such a gift to our family, and has brought us so much joy over the past 3 years.  I feel a little at a loss for words to describe how much he means to us and how much he has grown us up as we have learned to be parents.

B Man carries with him such a joy for life and an excitement that it is hard not to smile just thinking about him.  He laughs with total abandonment, sings at the top of his lungs often, and is constantly narrating everything that he does.  You never really have to question where he is, or what he is doing (and if he’s quiet, you know he’s up to something he shouldn’t be doing!)  He loves people intensely, but also seems to need down time to refuel.  His favorite person in the world is his Dad, who he wants to be exactly like in every way.  It was delightful celebrating his life with some family and friends, and also bittersweet as we realized that our little boy is no longer a baby.  He’s growing up, and we feel honored to be his parents. Here are just a few pictures from his party.

Excited about his new bike, and also to have his cousins come visit:



B Man in his “party shirt.”  He wears this shirt to every party that we go to, and so when I asked him what he wanted to wear on his birthday, he appropriately said, “My party shirt!”DSC_0098

Chaz was pretty excited too:DSC_0099

Donut decorating with friends:DSC_0153



Bradford’s birthday donut:DSC_0184

Truett was pretty happy about his yogurt:DSC_0196

B Man and Daddy:DSC_0207


Christmas/New Years in Georgia

The day after Christmas, we left sunny South Florida with 80 + degree temperatures and made the drive up to Georgia to see all of our family!  It was so wonderful to see everyone, and to be able to enjoy being with family for a week.  It was a cold week, but we kind of enjoyed the change for a week.  I found myself soaking up the time with family members we don’t get to see very often, and trying to savor the cold…knowing that it would only be for one week!

Time at Riri and Pop’s house:


B Man loves his new guitar:DSC_0092

The boys and their Great-Grammy:DSC_0129

Playing with the stomp rocket.  Thanks, Liz and Scott for the entertainment, they love this toy!:

Sisters and cousins:

Time at Gigi and Papa’s.

The boys were pretty excited to meet Georgia, their cousins new puppy:
DSC_0184All 11 Grandkids:

DSC_0191Our Fam:


The boys love their new lawn toys:

Going for a ride with Cousin, Maddox:

Brothers in bow-ties.  Thanks Aunt Emily!

The chaos of meal time with all these kids:

All the cousins:

It was a great week in Georgia with cherished family and friends.  The trip would not have been complete without a day trip to Athens to visit some of our best friends.  I wish I had of taken some pictures of that experience, because we enjoyed that time with our friends and their kids so much!  We feel so blessed to have such wonderful families and friends that we were able to spend time with over the holidays.  And now it’s back to the warmth and sunshine, and settling back into a new year in Florida.  We’re excited and anticipating all that this year will bring, starting with our third son soon!

Christmas in Florida

We had a great Christmas day as a family this year in Florida.  With a long drive ahead of us the next day, we wanted to spend the day relaxing and just enjoying being at home.  The boys loved getting a few new gifts, doing a painting project, and having a birthday party for Jesus to end the day.  Here are a few pictures to re-cap:

Excited about their stockings:

Most excited about their apples:
DSC_0152DSC_0159Tool belts to go with the tool bench we got them:DSC_0168Working Hard:DSC_0058

Awesome carpenter Andy built us a new picnic table, and decided it would be a fun Christmas project to paint it with the boys.  He was right, they loved it and it turned out really cool with their little handprints all over it:

DSC_0222DSC_0223DSC_0240Birthday cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus:DSC_0061DSC_0067