Christmas in Florida

We had a great Christmas day as a family this year in Florida.  With a long drive ahead of us the next day, we wanted to spend the day relaxing and just enjoying being at home.  The boys loved getting a few new gifts, doing a painting project, and having a birthday party for Jesus to end the day.  Here are a few pictures to re-cap:

Excited about their stockings:

Most excited about their apples:
DSC_0152DSC_0159Tool belts to go with the tool bench we got them:DSC_0168Working Hard:DSC_0058

Awesome carpenter Andy built us a new picnic table, and decided it would be a fun Christmas project to paint it with the boys.  He was right, they loved it and it turned out really cool with their little handprints all over it:

DSC_0222DSC_0223DSC_0240Birthday cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus:DSC_0061DSC_0067


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