Week 1 with 3 Boys

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Happy Birthday Samuel!!

We had the joy of welcoming our newest boy into the world last Wednesday.  He came on his due date, and was the easiest baby to deliver so far.  He has been a delight and our hearts feel so full of joy and love for him already.  Bradford and Chaz are doing great too, and have been really sweet in welcoming their new brother to our family.  We are having a great first week with Sam being home, are enjoying family visiting, and praising God for the newest member of our family.
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Sunday Morning Worship

One of our new favorite things is to turn on our church service at 9 before we go, and watch the worship online together.  The boys love watching the music, and Bradford has started playing along with the worship leaders on his guitar.  It’s so fun to watch him find an interest in music, whether it is banging on cake pans, or playing his guitar.  He always has a beat going and a song on his heart to sing.  DSC_0057

DSC_0059We love the bow-ties…thanks to Aunt Emily for making them for the boys!!

DSC_0066Chaz decided to join in on the drums:

DSC_0071DSC_0072DSC_0077DSC_0079DSC_0080DSC_0081These boys are so sweet and fun.  It’s been so neat to see them develop a friendship and to really love each other and want to be together.  Can’t believe we are about to add a third to the mix!