Freckles and Flying in the air

Andy: Hey Bradford, let me see your nose.  It looks like you’re getting some freckles.

B: Can you get them off?

Andy and me: No, they don’t come off buddy.

B: Oh, are they stuck on there? (as he’s trying to pull them off…)

Haha, this boy is so funny and always making us laugh.

While talking about our upcoming trip to Georgia today, he also told me that he is going to jump up in the air and fly his way to GA instead of driving on the long car ride.  (All the while he’s talking, he is demonstrating by setting up a recycling bin upside down and jumping off of it.)  He is going to play with his cousins, see all his grandparents, and then he will jump up in the air and fly home to play in his pool…if only it were that easy!



The commentary on Mom losing her voice…

DSC_0172Bradford: Mommy, can you turn it up?

Me (whispering): No, I lost it. I can’t turn up the volume.

B: When is it going to come back?

Me: I’m not sure, hopefully soon.  It’s like I got a frog stuck in there.

B: Oh, can I see the frog.

Me: It’s not a real frog.  It’s just a saying.

B: No, say Ahhhhh real big so I can see the frog.  Will your voice come back when the frog comes out?

He doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, but has told the people we’ve talked to that I have a frog stuck in there and that i lost my voice.  Turns out, my boys are quick to pick up on the fact that mom can’t be as on top of things when I can’t talk….and are a little more wild than normal.  These days have been challenging, but we’ve had some funny moments too.  Bradford asks me often throughout the day, “can you be louder yet?”…. hopefully soon!