A few days in Jasper, GA…

We had the opportunity to spend a few days up in Jasper, Ga a couple of weeks ago.  Andy was asked to speak at a conference for a group of students from Miami that would be traveling up to north Georgia to kick off their school year at a week-long camp they call Warrior Week.  We decided to take the boys and try out being alongside Andy as he spoke…so we loaded up the family (including Dean Dog who spent her time at my parents house), and headed north.  Turns out, the place we stayed was beautiful and in the middle of the mountains.  Each day, I was reminded of God’s power and might in making such beautiful scenery.  We had a great time as a family as the boys explored woods, nature, played in a fun creek, and were able to watch Daddy speak to “the teenagers.”  Andy did a great job speaking, and we made some really fun memories together on the trip.

IMG_1225Boys swinging by the creek:
IMG_1263 Chazzy loved discovering the rock wall:IMG_1269 IMG_1272 They did not stop playing hard the whole time, which is why most of my pictures are blurry:IMG_1281 Watching Daddy speak to the teenagers:IMG_1283 IMG_1286 IMG_1302 IMG_1308


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