A few of Chazzy’s favorite things

We spent some time at a water park yesterday and had so much fun with the boys.  Chazzy was sitting with me for a few minutes while finishing up his snack and this was the conversation we had.  It was too cute to not document it.

I started asking him what some of his favorite things were and these were his responses:

Favorite color: “peorple” (purple)

favorite song: “Eo-eo-eo” (Bless the Lord, oh my soul, or 10,000 reasons)

favorite food: “B.B’s” (blueberries)

favorite treat: “raisins”

favorite book: “Bear cared, at library” (Bear Feels Scared, at the library)

favorite shirt: “my tiger” (His tiger shirt)

favorite number: “2”

Favorite letter: “my A,B,C’s)

Favorite thing to do: “Pay” (play)

Favorite thing to drink: “wawer with ice in it, and milk”

favorite person: “Chazzy and Dean Dog and Sam and E and mommy and daddy” (the whole fam, “E” is his name for Bradford)

“Chazzy, who made you?”… “God”

“Who made the world?”….. “Chazzy”




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