This morning, we snuggled up on the bed and were reading about and talking about Noah’s Ark for a while.  We had the animals out and our wooden ark that was Andy’s as a boy and the boys were so sweet, loving the little animal figurines and I was just soaking it in, these moments that are so sweet with them.  I love the unhurried time, the long mornings at home where I can just be with them, reading, talking, laughing with them.  Of course, the switch can turn and they can fight, wine and struggle just as any young boy, or mom, would do.  But there is so much delight in the time we get together.

Chaz is playing with the pig and B, he’s just lying on his back, legs resting on the wall.  And he says, “Mommy, where’s Heaven?”

I didn’t really know how to explain Heaven as a location to a 3.5 year old and 2 year old, so in the simplest way I knew how I told them about Heaven.  B asks, “is it really, really far away.  Like a really, long car ride?”

Well, I said. I don’t think we’ll drive a car there.  All Chaz needed to hear was “long car ride” and he starts asking “Noonie” (Movie?).  Then, they get all inquisitive about whether or not we will watch movies on the way to Heaven, and when we will go there and how long it will take to get there.

So we talked a little more about it all, about Heaven and the God who created all of us, and Jesus who was sent to be our rescuer.  Their questions were so fun and brought so much joy to our morning.  We played with the Ark some more, and I was so thankful.  Thankful for these sweet boys that God has blessed us with, thankful that I am home with them, thankful for Jesus who came to rescue us, just thankful.  These are sweet days, and my heart is full.


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  1. What a great and funny conversation – I love the way kids minds work~
    and you’re a sweet precious mommy! They’re lucky to have you.

    Sam is so cute moving around!

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