Errands with 3 kids…phew, it can be fun, or it can wear me out!  I love these pictures and so want to record and remember these days with these 3 little guys.  Some days I like to run a quick errand by myself, but then I think about how fast they are going to grow up, and how I will miss them when I’m walking through Target by myself wishing I had my babies with me.

Right now, Target is an all out adventure and an outing.  They love to ride in the big cart and get so excited about picking out a 99 cent Hotwheels car!  I love that!  Chaz and Bradford usually like to walk at some point, and their personalities are so different.  I constantly need to remind Bradford to keep his hands in his pockets or by his side, or else he may pull an item off every shelf, and/or touch everything in sight.  He definitely is an experiential learner, who loves to touch, taste, handle, and experience whatever it is in front of him to the full.  Chaz, on the other hand, almost always lags behind.  He’s never in a hurry to get anywhere.  He loves to talk about what he sees, look at it, study it, talk to it… and can zone out much of what’s around him to just take his time and enjoy the experience.  Sam just rides at this point and laughs at his brothers.  He’s pretty cute and loves them a lot.

It’s pretty fun watching them grow and learn and experience their world, even through an outing to Target!
IMG_1242 IMG_1243 2 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 2


One thought on “Target

  1. So sweet and such fun to record those feelings. That’s one special thing about kids – they get so excited about the little things! Wish I could hug them right now!

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