Sam, RSV, and the Hospital

Last week was a little crazy.  We had a cough/cold hit our older boys that was pretty rough…but then it hit Sam and it was really rough.  He had a couple of days of coughing, and then he declined quickly.  He woke up Wednesday morning with a wheezing sound and we decided to take him into the dr. as a precaution, we thought.  By the time we got to the dr., I could tell he was declining.  He was straining to breath and after 2 breathing treatments in a row, we were seeing no signs of improvement.  He was breathing pretty fast and huffing and puffing to get air in and out.  So, off to the ER we went.

There was definitely a little fear, but the dr. assured me he would be fine.  He tested positive for the RSV virus and was admitted for monitoring and treatment and we were told it would be at least a 24 hour stay.  We ended up staying for 3 nights.  We didn’t have any more scary moments, or times when he declined, but it was just a slow-steady improvement throughout our stay.  The dr’s wanted to keep him until he stopped wheezing and until he was comfortable going at least 4 hours in between breathing treatments.

So, we’re home now, and he’s doing great.  Still on breathing treatments, which he handles pretty well and is showing just some minor cold symptoms.  It was a learning experience for all of us, and stretching.  It was hard being separated as a family, but we made it work and I was thankful it was only 3 nights and not longer.  Although thankful for the nurses and doctors that helped in the situation, Sam and I were both very glad to leave the hospital and return to the comforts of home. Thanks for anyone who prayed for him and supported us through this experience.

In the ER, poor sick guy:
IMG_1506 After a couple of breathing treatments, and steroids, he perked up and was so much better:IMG_1508 We did a lot of this, snuggling, him sleeping, and just hanging out in our room:IMG_1510 Playing in his hospital crib:IMG_1511 We had some early mornings b/c the hospital is so noisy!  This was the morning we were leaving, Sam woke up at 5 and did not go back to sleep.  I was thankful to leave shortly after and get to rest at home!IMG_1522 So happy to be going home, and feeling much better:IMG_1524


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