Thankfulness from today…

1.  Our breakfast conversation: This morning, I sit the boys in their chairs with a few cheerios to start munching on until the food is on the table.  Bradford asks, “What’s this, mommy? Is this our breakfast.”

Me: “This is just an appetizer?”

Chazzy: “Oh, appetizer?”

Bradford (with full confidence and absolute certainty): “Yes, Chazzy.  Appetizer means ‘Cheerios’ in Spanish!”

2.  A breezy day with temperatures in the 70’s.

3.  A picnic lunch at the park with our good friends.  Watching the boys find so much delight in feeding a squirrel a pretzel, chasing birds, swinging, laughing, and pulling bark off a tree.

4.  Face time with Papa and Gigi, and the hilariousness during our conversation of boys climbing, jumping, diving off our shoulders, and showing off their couch acrobatics.

5.  Phone call with my friend, Jenny today.  We laughed and shared some funny stories and it was so refreshing.  I love how she called and asked for dinner advice/help with table manners with boys…. haha!  Andy and I laughed thinking about how insane our dinner time was tonight and how ill-equipped we are to counsel anyone about dinner time manners right now!  Sorry Jen.  I think at one point, Chaz had his chicken all balanced precariously on top of his head, B had been reminded way too many times for doing chair acrobatics and needed to be disciplined for failing to stay in his chair, Sam had food covering his face, B was placing all his noodles into his milk cup instead of his mouth, and B and C were demanding to have treats… because “of course, Mom, we need our treats.”  They are hilarious, and we have a lot to learn and work on in the table manner department.


6.  The book I just finished, called Seven by Jen Hatmaker.  What an awesome, challenging, and humbling read.

7.  Another Jen Hatmaker book, Interrupted that I’m currently reading.  It’s awesome.  I think I have wanted to underline every word in the entire book.

8.  Bedtime for the boys.  I love when they are awake, and I love when they go to sleep.  The chaos of the day is manageable when we have time to rest and refuel when they are quiet.

9.  Listening to Chaz recite some scripture memory at dinner.  His sweet little voice saying Proverbs 15:1 has got to be the most precious thing ever.

10.  Time to read books with B this afternoon while the little brothers were still napping.  He is so fun and loves to learn.  We have been reading a lot of Curious George, Dora, and Thomas the Train books.  Today, he spent at least 10 minutes doing “monkey moves” in front of the mirror, like George… and announced that he wants to live in the trees, like George, go to the Aquarium, like George…and can we read George goes to the hospital again?  We are big fans of George around here.



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