A few things I’ve learned about boys….

I love being a mom to boys.  I honestly never envisioned having 3 boys, and especially 3 boys in a row like we have!  But I would not change it at all.  These boys are so much fun and they have taught me so much.  Here are just a few things I’ve learned in the almost 4 years of having boys… (or at least these are things true about our boys)

1.  They are loud, and love to make noise of any kind.  This includes banging things at all times.  Bradford is our noisiest, and unless he is asleep, he is making noise constantly by way of singing, banging any object on another object as a drum, talking, laughing, crying, playing guitar, etc… Chaz is talkative and makes a lot of noise too, but he is not quite as loud as our oldest.  Time will tell with Sam.

2.  Messes are a part of their life.  The more dirt, the better and the more messy their environment is, the happy they are.  They love to be covered in dirt, splashing in water, and interacting with their environment in a very physical way.  They have no embarrassment if their faces are covered in food, dirt, paint, or they have play-do coming out of their ears.  They actually would prefer this and get very mad when I try to wipe them off.  The one exception is that they (B & C) both hate it when their clothes are wet.  I may find them screaming loudly about a couple drops of water on their shirt.  It’s a strange phenomenon to me.

3.  They love to be thrown, tossed in the air, tickled, chased, and played with in a pretty physical way.  They do not like to sit still and play very often.

4.  There is actually very little sitting still in our household.  They are pretty much moving at all times.

5.  They, from a very young age, are fascinated with their male parts.  For on example, we were playing with play-doh last week and making snowmen.  B then announces, “look, Mommy.  My snowman has a penis and a bottom.  Isn’t that so funny.”  We talked about it, more than once, and he knows now that this is innapropriate, but I am very aware that this will not be the only incident of this type that needs to be addressed.

6.  They are also fascinated with peeing outdoors.  Having always been a female, this does not make a whole lot of sense to me.  We have had to discuss private and public places with the B a lot after picking him up from the church nursery one day and being told that he peed on the astroturf by the slide…not his best move.

7.  Boys may have a tough side, but they are sweet and loving and melt my heart often.

8.  They love, meaning are obsessed, with their Dad.  Bradford has always been this way, and Chaz is definitely starting to want to be with and like Dad a lot.

9.  They like to take risks.  Which may explain why our 2 year old is in his second cast for another broken arm.  Both injuries have been climbing/jumping incidences that have occurred after taking a risk that he was not yet ready for (climbing out of his crib at 18 months, and jumping off of our bed).  I am quite nervous about what the future holds with these boys and pray for their safety every single day.

10.  They love to have fun and live their little lives with full adventure.  And they teach me to enjoy each day with them and participate in the fun.  Because each day truly feels like an adventure with their little wild spirits under our roof.


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