B Man is 4!

DSC_0415I can’t believe this little guy is 4!  He is so much fun!  Bradford continues to live his life with full energy, and with lots of personality.  Some highlights over the past year of growth were: watching him love music and learn to sing and play his guitar at the same time, seeing him love his brothers, play with them, laugh with them, and be the big brother to Chaz and Sam, watching him love to learn and grow to love sitting and reading books with us, and being a participant with him each day with his larger than life personality!  He seriously makes me laugh every day with something funny he says or does.

Some of his favorite things to do right now are to set up “sleepovers” all over the house with his sleeping bag, all his “friends” (stuffed animals), and play pretend.  He loves to jump, bounce, run, and climb just about anything.  He is still terrified of loud noises, and intensely fearful of anything that he believes may cause a loud noise (any type of shows or performances, the garbage truck, and hand dryers are probably the worst fear).  He has an intense love for his Dad, and wishes that he could be by his side at all moments of the day.  He is happiest when with people that he loves, including all his grandparents and cousins, and loves to play outside, dig in the dirt, and play with his cars with Chaz.

I feel so blessed to be this boy’s mom, and often wonder how we got such a cool kid to call our own!  We had a fun weekend celebrating Bradford’s birthday as a family, and love this boy so much.  Happy Birthday B Man!!



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