Some things that they do that make me laugh…

Both boys use the term “last day” instead of “yesterday.  I said “yesterday” today, and Chazzy emphatically corrects me.  “No mama, it’s ‘Last day!”

Their appropriate use of the term “actually.”  It makes them sound proper, which is funny to me.

When we went outside to see the back yard after the flood last week, Bradford says “Look mommy at all the water.  We need to let some of it out, there is too much!”

At lunch today, Bradford tells Chaz, “Chazzy, you have a mommy, and I have a daddy.  Daddy, he is mine.”  Chazzy got upset about this, and I explained to both boys that they both have a mommy and daddy, and that we are both their parents who love them.  To which Bradford then responds, “But I still have a Daddy who loves me, he really loves me.  He is my Daddy.”

Bradford and Chazzy got to watch their cousin Ella do ballet last year, and it has stuck with them ever since.  Bradford is trying to figure out the boy/girl thing a little and we have told him that girls do ballet, so he says to me the other day, “When I climb back in your tummy and come back out as a girl, I will do ballet then!”  He also has a pair of shoes that he calls his tennis-ballet shoes, and he loves to wear them.

On his birthday, he asks me, “Am I going to be 5 tomorrow?”

Also on his birthday, I tell him that I am so glad that God gave him to me and his Dad as a special gift.  I told him that he and his brothers are gifts to us and that we love and cherish them so much.  He then said, “yep, like when God gave me to you, I was a little baby in a box, with wrapping paper and you opened up the box, and their I was.”

I have been surprised at how opinionated they are about the clothes they wear.  Both boys, but especially Chaz, love to pick out their clothes and insist on wearing certain things.  Bradford wants to wear his monster P.J.’s (from his cousin Jack) every single night right now.  Chaz wants to wear his ball P.J.’s every night, and his favorite shirts are his Curious George shirt or his black Elmo shirt (that is a bit too small.)  They hate to wear jackets, socks, or shoes.  Chaz wants to change out of his pajamas the second he wakes up in the morning, and Bradford would wear his P.J’s all day long if he could.

Sam currently loves to play in the toilet (which we are working on every single day!), he is obsessed with his toothbrush, he loves to be with his brothers at all times, and loves to make funny noises with his mouth that make his brothers die laughing.

After eating a pack of Smarties, Bradford tells me that he is not growing Smarter.  He is not an adult yet but growing so much smarter and so much taller because of the Smarties!


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