Happy 11 months old Sam!

DSC_0248 DSC_0250This sweet guy turned 11 months old today!  To celebrate, he became a walker over this past week.  He’s been taking steps for about a month, but got his balance last week and walked right across the room.  And once he realized he could do it, he officially has decided that he’s going to walk.  He’s my earliest walker, and definitely seems to be active and anxious to be with and keep up with his brothers.  It’s so fun watching him grow and develop.  He is really sweet and will snuggle with me, especially when he just wakes up.  In that way, he reminds me of Chaz.  But he loves to make us laugh, and can be pretty vocal and loud, which reminds me more of Bradford.  He’s got his own little personality for sure, and seems like a mix of the 2 older ones.  Some of his favorite places to play are inside the refrigerator and freezer, and in any of the kitchen cabinets, outside in the grass, and at the toolbench.  He loves to eat, but has thrown me for a curveball with his taste preferences.  The older boys both loved fruit, bread, cheese, and would do well with veggies especially at his age.  He is definitely more picky!  He is my first meat lover, and loves rice, beans, and yogurt but spits out a lot of other foods like certain fruits, and veggies!  It’s funny trying to feed him different things and seeing what he likes and doesn’t like. I love his blue eyes and hair…we get a lot of comments on how white-blonde his hair is!  It seriously is so cute!  I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating his 1 year old birthday next month.



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