Some things I don’t want to forget

B’s comment in the church parking lot: “Mommy, why is that lady dressed in a Jaguar costume for church?” (commentary about a lady with an animal print blouse). And then their roaring laughter that someone would dress as a jaguar, and confusion as to why she would do this.  Haha! Lets just say I was glad we were still in the car, and the conversation took place without anybody else hearing it.

Sam’s laughter when the brothers play with him.  He is sharing a room with the older boys now, and it is so fun to hear him laughing and joining in the bedtime fun.  Most nights, he is pretty quick to go to sleep but I can hear them talking to him and his laughter for those couple of minutes before he passes out, and it is so sweet how much he loves his brothers!

My little kitchen helpers.  It can be challenging to find jobs for the boys when I’m cooking, especially since our kitchen is pretty small and they can easily get too close to the oven.  But I do have a lot of fun busying their little hands and giving them jobs to do in the kitchen.  We have created a lot of memories of baking together, and they currently love to make their own sandwiches or pizzas for lunch.  Other kitchen memories are of B man playing his guitar and singing while I cook while watching his reflection in the oven, and little boys playing at my feet with their cars while I cook.  Such sweet memories!



From Chazzy this week: “Look Mommy, the clouds made a big mess in the sky today.” (commentary on clouds spread beautifully across the sky.”

Watching B use his imagination more and more.  He played on the trampoline for probably an hour today singing and talking to his toy cars, Mater and Lightning McQueen.  I did not gather the whole conversation, but I did gather that they took naps, ate lunch, sang “Life is a Highway” multiple times, and that the cars really like it when B bounces them and they get to fly really high.

The way Chazzy climbs in my lap and gives spontaneous hugs and snuggles throughout the day.  He is pretty affectionate and it is so sweet.




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