Some of this weeks favorites…

I love having a place where I can record these little moments with the boys that are so sweet and funny and that I don’t want to forget.  Here are a few of those moments from the past week…

B: “I love to wear socks. (which is the first I have heard of this, normally he and Chaz refuse to wear socks or shoes.).  Because socks make me really beautiful, especially these Braves socks. But actually, not beautiful, but… what’s that word, mommy… handy?  They make me handy?”  Me: “You mean, handsome?”  B: “Yes, these socks make me very handsome.”

While face-timing with Papa and Gigi, Gigi comments that something is “cracking her up.” B then asks: “Can I see the crack?”  I love their literal interpretation of things!

Chazzy deciding to paint with his peanut butter at lunch:

DSC_0266I must have been really tired this day, because I was sitting at the table with the boys and completely missed the fact that this was happening until peanut butter was smeared all over the wall.  I laughed, took a picture, and then had him clean it up 🙂

The moment Bradford asks me the other day, “Mommy, when are you going to have another boy?” Me: “I don’t know, do you want another brother?” B: “No, I just want 10 more brothers.” Haha!  “Do you want any sisters?” B: “Yes, 11 sisters would be a good number.”

Pillow case jumping:



The night Chaz put all of his cars and his purple ball in the closet by his room, and then said Goodnight to all of them one by one:

DSC_0262Watching Sam play in the dirt and be so happy about it:

DSC_0281 DSC_0283Telling the boys we are going to Georgia in March for a visit.  They were really excited, but then B tells me the next morning: “When we go to Georgia, I won’t be big enough to do that march thing… only the really big kids can do it, but us little kids, we won’t be big enough to do the march so can we not do that?” I guess I forgot to explain that March is the month, not the event!

“Look mom, we’re turtles and these are our shells:”

DSC_0296Sam’s smile and excitement over getting a ride on Chaz’s scooter:







One thought on “Some of this weeks favorites…

  1. So sweet and so glad you’re writing this down. You always think you’ll remember, but you don’t.
    And I needed the laugh! Love, Mom

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