This sunrise and sky on a morning walk with Sam:IMG_1990

B telling Andy, “I really like you Dad.  So I think next time you preach, I can get up on stage with you and preach with you.  Because I really like you.”

B also asking if he can go to our church and ask Brandon (the music director) if he can play “Life is a Highway” at church with him on the stage.

At dinner, B declares “I can’t eat my food because I’m not feeling good, and my ankle hurts, so I need some medicine and I need to go lay in my bed, and so I will go do that and then I’ll come back when it’s time for my treat.”    Us: “Well, if you aren’t feeling good enough to eat your dinner, you will not be able to have a treat.” B:  “Oh, well no, I will feel fine then, I’m just not well enough to eat my dinner so I need a minute to play with my cars and rest and then I will be fine to eat a treat.”  Oh, of course, that makes total sense!

Chaz deciding that he wants to talk about movies.  He has led us in conversations the past couple of days about all his favorite characters, which has led to coming up with grand adventures with them.  The latest is that every family member has been assigned to a plane (from the Planes movie) and that we are going to get on our planes and go visit Jake and the Neverland Pirates, then pick up all our cousins and grandparents and do a huge plane race.  (In the plane race, B always wins.  He has made himself to be Dusty the Crop duster, and he wins every time and lets us all know that he won and that we did not.  Maybe we should talk about good sportsmanship?)

Sam deciding that he is going to be a hugger.  He gives the best hugs, and delights in running back and forth in between us to get hugs.  It’s pretty cute.

Both older boys being all about anything cars, trains, and planes right now.  They have these cars that you build and B builds them every day, and always makes one for himself, one for Chaz, and one for his Dad.  He insists that Andy take his blue car to work, so that he can play with it there.  So here is the blue car experiencing the World Leaders Conference this week:


As we’re at Walgreens picking up a prescription, the line is long and the boys are restless and so I tell them they can go sit in the waiting area on some benches and tell jokes and funny stories to occupy the time.  Of course, this is a great idea.  They immediately translate my instruction into jumping like frogs and loudly laughing/ribbiting around the waiting room.  They think this is hilarious, and I kind of do too.  I’m letting it happen and wondering why everyone around me doesn’t think my kids are as cute and hilarious as I do.  Preface with, I am standing in line with the grumpiest group of people I have ever met. One customer was yelling at the pharmacy tech and holding up the whole line, while everyone else in line bickered and complained about the need for a manager and more workers.  All the while, the boys are still being frogs and oblivious.  Bradford then decides to hop on over to visit me in line and brings Chaz with him, both hopping and laughing like crazy.  He then throws his leg in the air, sending his shoe flying through the air.  The lady next to me promptly gets nailed with the shoe in the stomach, and in her grumpy way, does not really even accept our apology but moves to another line and glares at me the rest of the time.  I laughed my way out of the store, bc it was an accidental offense, she wasn’t hurt, and B did learn a lesson about apologizing to strangers.  And it was just a reminder of how this parenting thing is humbling and funny and filled with so many surprising, sometimes bumpy moments.  And we’re only at age 4…


One thought on “Moments

  1. That is hysterical. All of it. i can see Bradford playing his guitar and singing Life is a Highway at church. And the story at the drugstore is too funny!

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