A few things to be thankful for this week…

1. Chaz: “Mom, why Dean dog don’t wear pants?” and the conversation that followed…

2.  Seeing baby #4 on ultrasound this week.  Yes, for anyone who reads this who doesn’t know, we are really excited to announce that another baby is on the way.  It is amazing to me what all you can see at just 12 weeks..I think I counted 10 fingers and 10 toes, saw the body outline, spine, etc…  It was pretty awesome.

3. The boys take on what the new baby’s name should be.  Here were their favorites:

Chaz: Baby Swiper

Bradford: Baby Jack or baby Ella

4.  Meeting my friends twin baby girls.  One baby is such a miracle, and two at the same time is crazy and awesome.

5.  Spending the days at home with these 3 hilarious, active, and non-stop boys.  They are wild and I feel very tired… but I love it so much, and would not ask for anything different than exactly who they are and every moment of living in the chaos of them.  I am very thankful that I get to stay at home and be with them every day.

6. Watching Sam belly laugh harder than I have ever heard any of our boys laugh when Chaz decided to tickle him one day.

7.  Chaz’s questions right now and the way he calls me momma: “Momma, do you have bugs in your nose? Can I check for you and get them out?, “Momma, do you have milk for the baby now?” “Where is the baby? It is in your squishy tummy?” Can I smash your squishy tummy?”

8. Bradford’s love for a daily plan and schedule and his joy in responsibility.  Sometimes he reminds me so much of myself it’s a little scary.  Last week I decided to teach him about chores, or “jobs” as he’s calling them.  Every morning now, he wants a list of his daily jobs and extra jobs to do, and loves it even better when I include picture drawings and a schedule of the day.  He seems to really delight in being helpful and being given responsibility.

9.  Air conditioning.  The summer heat has settled in here and the air conditioning feels like such a gift.

10. Tomatoes, and fresh veggies with ranch dressing or balsamic vinegar.  That seems to be what this baby is making me crave right now and the freshness of the produce here is just awesome and so satisfying.

11.  Andy being awesome in so many ways, but one way specifically this week: rodent control.  We have had a mice problem in our attic, and somehow 2 made it down in the house this week.  Both our furry friends were caught in the kitchen and disposed of outside, (which I thankfully had no part in any of the catching/disposing of process), and traps are now laid as we go to war with the mice.  I’m just thankful I don’t have to be the one dealing with the mice!




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