About Us

Andy and I (Emily) met in high school and we married right out of college in 2007.  We moved to Gainesville, GA, where Andy began his first job in youth ministry and I finished school and worked in social work.  Our family grew from just the two of us to having 3 animals (now we’re back down to 1 – Opal Dean), and our son, Bradford.  We just recently moved to Delray Beach, Florida where Andy will be working in youth ministry at Spanish River Church.  We started this blog to remember this fun time in our lives, and to show lots of cute pictures of Bradford to friends and family.  Opal Dean is our dog, whom we love.  Before we had Bradford, she was our child (and in still many ways she is).  We could think of no better name for our blog than after her.  Enjoy!


1 thought on “About Us

  1. Emily,

    I LOVE your blog! It seems like things are going great for you guys… And there is no questioning who Bradford’s father is! My goodness.. He is a spitting image of Andy (sorry– maybe baby #2 will look like you?)

    Anyways, we miss you both very much. Please call us next time your in Georgia. We would love to see ya’ll.

    Love, Sarah

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