Happy Birthday to Chaz!

I can’t believe our sweet, cuddly, loving, and funny middle son turns 3 tomorrow! He is very proud of the fact that it is his birthday and keeps telling us, “I am turning ‘Free’, not Four, ‘Free.'” It’s pretty cute. He also declared that he is the only one that gets to blow on his candle…. not “E” (his name for Bradford). You can tell he’s a middle brother, who is always being asked to share as he declares with fact that it will be his birthday and his candle to blow!

Chaz has grown so much this year. He talks all the time at home, but not much in public, so we are privileged to see him and know him where he leaves mystery and a shyness to others. He loves his brothers, and is sweet and affectionate with them both. We will often see him trying to hold Bradford’s hand while we’re out, and I am not surprised to find him hugging Sam often. He handles his position as middle brother well, and definitely has some fight in him to defend himself against the dynamics of being sandwiched between two other boys. He sure knows how to hold onto his toys!

His favorite things right now are Cars, Planes, and Trains. He loves characters from books and movies, and loves to talk about Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen the most. He is dangerously comfortable in the water swimming, and has full confidence that he can swim by himself even though he definitely cannot. He is a good eater and follows in his Dad’s footsteps with his love for sausage, potato chips, and fruit. Andy once told me that if that was his lunch every day, he would be happy and I am pretty sure Chaz feels the same way.

We are so proud to call this little guy our son, and are delighted to celebrate his three years of life with him tomorrow!



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